The Blues often begin before we’ve even finished the holidays – a miserable feeling in your gut reminding you that you’ll soon be returning to work and the holidays are over. No one enjoys going back to the grind after a the festive season. Try our simple tips to massage your re-entry to the workplace.

1. Take it slowly
Ease yourself into work gently rather than diving in headfirst without a plan. When you first get back make a to-do list so you have an action plan from which to work. This should comprise a short list of realistic tasks to be done in the first day or two, as well as a list of longer-term projects you need to manage.

2. Keep your out of office on
Don’t be too trigger-happy in turning an out-of-office message off, because once you do people will know you’re back and will begin chasing you. Instead of being on the back foot, why not leave it running for an extra day and spend the extra time on more strategic planning?

3. Make a change
A new project that differs from your regular work could have the dual effect of inspiring you with a fresh challenge as well as indicating to your superiors you have returned to work with a positive, ambitious attitude.

4. Get focused
Longer term plans aside, there is nothing like a bit of de-cluttering to focus the mind. Start 2018 as you mean to go on. Begin by cleaning out your inbox. Think about other ways you can make your life easier with digital. Getting organised does wonders for a positive mindset.

5. Book more time off and organise that summer holiday you’ve been dreaming of
It’s much easier to throw yourself into a period of hard work if you have something to look forward to.