A complete service

We advise you on the right asking price for your property, and then do all we can to find somebody who offers an acceptable price and meets your requirements to achieve a successful transaction in the right timescale. We do everything an online agent does, and much more.

A wealth of local knowledge

In order to carry out an accurate valuation and sell your property effectively, an agent needs to know a lot about your local area. With high-street branches in Carlisle, Penrith, Whitehaven, Keswick, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Cockermouth, PFK Estate Agents have a wealth of knowledge about each of these areas, built up over a long period of time, allowing them to make a true valuation and highlight positives to prospective buyers.

On the other hand, online agents who are based miles away from your area often have to rely on research to fill gaps in their knowledge, making valuing and marketing your property more difficult.

We conduct viewings so you don’t have to

Online estate agents often have a hands-off approach to selling compared to high-street agents. An online agent may not have representatives in your area, especially rural areas like ours, so you might need to show buyers around your property yourself. Although some people will be happy to do this, it can be a big ask if you have a busy lifestyle. It can also seem daunting if you’re not a big talker or simply don’t know what to say, whereas our agents with several years of experience will know exactly what to say to prospective buyers to make your property as appealing as possible.

No hidden fees

When selling with an online agent you pay their fee regardless of sale, usually upfront, whereas if you choose a high street agent you will only pay them if they sell your property. A high-street estate agent may charge slightly more in fees, but when payment is reliant upon a sale, an agent will automatically be more motivated to sell your property.

If online agent does not require the fee upfront, you enter into a contract with them, meaning the fee will still have to be paid regardless of if your property sells or not. There can also be additional terms and conditions that are not obvious when you are first attracted to the low fee. This can include an additional fee of over £300 to use your own solicitor instead of one linked to the agent. You can also not defer the payment for as long as it may seem; you have to pay the fee a maximum amount of time from the start date, even if your property it is still on the market then.

You also need to consider why fees for online estate agents are sometimes so low. For instance, would you be happy to pay for and put up your own “for sale” sign? Online agents’ basic fixed fees don’t always include services which are included as standard with high street agents. For example, one online agent charges an extra £300 on top of your fixed fee to arrange and conduct viewings. As a reputable high street agency, PFK offers a completely transparent service with no hidden fees, and you know you’ll get what you pay for.

A personal service

You can meet our staff in person and build a relationship with them as your sale progresses, knowing they’re always on hand should you need them. We have small, friendly and helpful teams at each of our branches, and they are there for you from the moment you decide to sell to when the deal completes. We get to know you during the process and this makes us even more enthusiastic about your property, and we develop the desire to sell it even more.

In contrast, many online estate agents operate out of call centres, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll speak to the same person each time you call. There may be many people dealing with your case, as opposed to small teams of individuals like ours, making it more difficult for you, and anyone interested in buying your property, to get in touch.

Varied points of contact

When a prospective buyer wants to view a property with an online agency, they often must create an account and make all their bookings and offers over the internet. Whilst many people are confident doing this, a lot of potential buyers don’t have computer skills, internet access or can’t be bothered to create yet another online account.

With a traditional high street agent like PFK, buyers can either call into the office in person or ring and book their viewings immediately, and with PFK you can do it online too.


Anyone can create a website and call themselves an online estate agent. Are they legit? What is their complaints procedure like? What are their terms and conditions? These are the important questions you need to ask. You can have peace of mind that a good high-street agent like PFK will be accredited with years of experience, with access to an independent ombudsman.