Building on Eden District Council’s Vision document for the growth of Penrith and the Cumbria Economic Assessment which identified the growth potential of businesses established in the M6 corridor, PFK has submitted a planning application for the development of a 20 acre site as a new business hub adjacent to Junction 41 of the M6.

The application will provide the first phase of development within the area identified for economic development by the Vision document. The application is made following pre- application discussions with Eden District Council and shapes the potential layout of the site to bring the best overall benefits to Penrith and the wider Eden area.

The site offers the opportunity to provide for a better range of unit types to relieve the pressure on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate and allow for both inward investment and the potential for the growth of indigenous businesses which may be constrained by their existing premises.

It also offers excellent transport connections to the M6 without placing additional burden on to Junction 40 of the M6 or Penrith town centre.

Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s Plc (PFK) submit planning application for 20 acres of Commercial Development in North Penrith adjacent to Junction 41 of the M6 Motorway