10 tips for a cosy home this Autumn

The weather is starting to get cooler (it’s definitely getting wetter!), the leaves are turning and we’re all starting to think of putting the heating on. There’s nothing nicer than coming in to a lovely warm house when everything’s a bit grim and grey outside so here are our top tips for a cosy home this Autumn.

1. Draw your curtains

As soon as you come in draw all your curtains. You’ll immediately feel cosier as it shuts out the weather and has the added benefit of helping to keep the warmth in.

2. Invest in some lamps

Lamps create a much softer glow than an overhead light, making the room look and feel much warmer. Play around with the positioning to make sure you have light where you need it – eg to read by or to light up a favourite picture

3. Light some candles

Lots of people don’t light their lovely scented candles everyday as they want to save them; we say celebrate Tuesday evening! Light the candles and enjoy the fragrance and the lovely flickering glow

4. Snuggle up under a blanket

There’s nothing cosier than a big fluffy blanket to snuggle under. Why not settle down with the kids for a movie night – dim the lights, open the popcorn and enjoy some family time together.

5. Invest in some indoor plants

Perhaps not so cosy but definitely calming – essential for that welcoming feel when you walk in and immediately relax. You can mix and match pots to compliment your décor and many indoor plants need only the barest minimum of attention.

6. Change the colour on your walls

If you’ve been thinking your living room just isn’t quite right, now is the time to choose a new colour scheme and freshen things up before Christmas. We love soft greys, pale blush and sage greens for a warm, inviting feeling.

7. Soft furnishings make all the difference

Cushions, rugs and throws completely change the look and feel of a room at minimal cost. Think comfort and choose different textures and colours to make a space you want to sink into.

8. Make bath time beautiful

Carve out a little me-time and luxuriate in a bath with scented bubbles. For added bliss invest in a bath caddy to rest your book and glass of wine on.

9. Turn your bedroom into a cosy nest

Soft lights, bouncy pillows, a lovely thick duvet and fresh new bed linen…we’re almost asleep just thinking about it! We love a scented room spray and there are some gorgeous lavender ones around to help you drift off.

10. Invite your family and friends in

Although it’s lovely to nestle in to your home and enjoy your own space, it can be just as cosy to have a crowd round for Sunday dinner. Fabulous food, a few glasses of wine and the company of those you love is hard to beat for that warm fuzzy feeling.
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