Agricultural Support Changes - What Does It Mean For You?

As featured in the Farmers Guardian, Jo Edwards warns of the end to direct payments
Where has the time gone – no sooner did the New Year start, we find ourselves mid-way through May. As you read this the last few Basic Payment / Environmental Stewardship / Countryside Stewardship claim forms will be being completed and submitted prior to the deadline on Monday (17th May) and we will be slipping in to early summer (though you could be forgiven for thinking it is still January given that as I write this there is snow on the fells outside my window!)

We have seen a limited amount of agricultural property come to market so far this year, but what has been brought forward has met with great demand and commanded competitive bidding and made prices above expectation. Supply does seem to be limited, with people having difficulty in knowing what is best to do in the current uncertain times. Details of the impending changes to agricultural support is still slow in coming to the sector, which is making planning for the future extremely difficult.

We are all awaiting some firm details of what will be available and when with great anticipation in order that we can help our clients plan for the changing face of agriculture and ensure their businesses are in the best possible position to meet these changes head on and go forwards with a robust and profitable enterprise.

Whilst we are all waiting, this time can be put to good use, by looking at your business closely, and evaluating the areas where opportunities could be exploited, but also areas which are maybe not so efficient or cost effective and working on those areas to look at alternatives which will make your business more efficient and streamlined. The one thing that is clear that is coming, is that direct payments coming in to your business will be reducing significantly in the future. Now is the time to take an objective look at your business as a whole and to involve all those who have knowledge of your business to help you plan for the future to ensure your business is as ready as it can be for the future and to be in a position to take advantage and embrace the new agricultural policy which is coming to the industry.

Here at PFK we are keeping up to date with all the developments which are being announced and helping our clients take full advantage of them as and when they arrive.
This is not the time to bury your head in the sand (or snow as it is here at present!), but use this time to take an objective look at your business as a whole.

Here’s hoping that spring, and then summer arrives with us all very soon.
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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

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