“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” - Albert Camus

Hannah-Sims-copy Blog by Hannah Sims, PFK Keswick Branch Manager

Seasons gone by, we've used this famous quote in our windows, as it succinctly says exactly why this time of year is so beautiful.

I was reminded of this when friends recently visited for my daughter's first birthday party, remarking on the wonderful quality of the light this autumn, revealing the minutest detail of rocky crags on distant fells and the luxuriant emerald and bronze of the fells themselves. The seasons may change, but the magnetism of the Lake District National Park never falters.Wherever you are within the Lake District, there are distant views and local scenes to delight the eye; and if this isn't too fanciful, to lift your spirits as well.It is just such a beautiful place.I lived two decades in Cumbria just outside the National Park, and the last ten years within it, and I would not want to be anywhere else.

The wonderful views are not the only attraction here – many visitors and residents embrace the "Great Outdoors" of walking, hiking, climbing and scrambling, cycling and water sports of many kinds and at all ages and abilities. The changing colours in the trees, the crackling of leaves underfoot and different scents in the air, Autumn is the season for the senses. Although the temperatures may feel as though they're dipping, there's a comfort in reuniting with a favourite jacket, pulling on your boots and striding out in these autumn days.

The property market experiences distinctive trends at this time of year. Often seeing an upturn in property viewings and transactions. The cooler weather and calmer roads mean it's an ideal time to explore and seek out opportunities before winter bites.Your dream may be an isolated rural homestead with unrivalled distant views, or a quaint cottage nestling in a charming village; there are always opportunities arising.Maybe you'd prefer the bustling atmosphere (or even the practicality) of a town like Keswick or Penrith, or the quieter charm and sense of community of villages on the Eastern Fellside?

Of course the Lake District tempts people for a variety of reasons in addition to the obvious one of seeking a lovely place to live.It has long been known for its holiday homes and retreats, offering personal getaway breaks or second homes in unrivalled settings.But it also offers investment opportunities and a rental property can yield steady returns as the region attracts visitors year-round.

Now is the perfect time for you to come and explore the Lake District's captivating charms. So, scribble our address and phone number in your diary or save in your Contacts List,and embark on your journey to discover the properties and other delights of this lovely National Park in all its autumnal splendour, equally as enchanting as in spring.

Thanks to Albert Camus for pointing that out!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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