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It’s discouraging to discover that for years, I’ve been misunderstanding a well-known English saying. But maybe, just maybe, I haven’t.

If I heard the phrase “Can’t see the wood for the trees” I’d think I was being criticised for fixating on the details of some issue or other. Instead, I should stand back and see the “Bigger Picture”. But I didn’t get it. I thought that by looking at the trees I was looking at the broader situation and not getting stuck in the detail.
And then finally, recently, the penny dropped. It all depends on what you mean by the word “wood”. So, does it mean the biological insides of the tree, its timber; or is it referring to the collection of trees, the forest? If I wanted more detail about a tree, I could scrape away the bark and look at its timber, its wood. But if I wanted to take a broader view, I’d have to consider all the other trees nearby, the wood. Yes, it’s the same word – wood.

So, I wasn’t mistaken after all; it’s just that I had a different perspective!
Having cleared that up, I do find it is worth looking in both those directions – inwards and outwards – when making plans about property, whether for investment or as your home. Our needs and wishes do change over time, and the unexpected disruption of the last 18 months may well have hastened that process. It then seems simplest just to sell what you have and buy something better or more suitable, obviously depending on individual circumstances.

Perhaps this is the “forest” approach?
On the other hand, (the “timber” approach?) you may have other ways of achieving what you want. Can your present property be extended or adapted? How would its value be impacted? Is there land which could be divided and is planning permission likely? Would it be suitable for residential or business use? And how should it be marketed? With so little to buy in Keswick at the moment, maybe your plans have to be less focussed on selling, and more about what options you can develop yourselves.

I know the area well in and around Keswick and I can call on specialists in PFK to advise on change of use, planning requirements and all other relevant aspects. It would be a pleasure to welcome you into our newly renovated office here in Station Street, where we can talk over these issues in a safe and welcoming space.
Hopefully, then, I will be able to help you see the wood from the trees!

Hannah Simms - PFK Keswick Branch Manager
Consultation on Partial Review of Eden Local Plan


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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

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