Is your septic tank legal?

New septic tank regulations became effective from 1 January 2020.

If you have an old style septic tank – a tank like structure which discharges waste onto a drainage field and is then simply released to the ground, then if this is working efficiently and not causing any pollution then the installation can continue as it is.

If you have an old style septic tank which discharges into a pipe then into a water course i.e. a ditch, stream, river, lake, gutter, gully, etc., then this is no longer permitted. You need to install a modern style septic tank called a ‘sewage treatment plant’.

If you already have a sewage treatment plant which was installed after 2015, then this should comply with the new regulations. This requires no further action as long as it is functioning properly and is well maintained.

There are many considerations in regard to foul water drainage systems, best answered by your supplier and installer although there are two significant considerations which are:
  1. Storm water from gutters, etc., must not enter the sewage treatment plant. This can mean significant expense re-routing pipes.
  2. A modern sewage treatment plant usually requires and electrical supply
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Friday, 01 December 2023

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