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After a lot of work behind the scenes in recent months, PFK are proud to unveil our brand-new website. It's an exciting time for us, and our shiny new site is just a part of that.

Why the new site?
As technology moves forward and systems change, an old website can get slow and inefficient. To avoid this, a website should be updated every two to three years, which meant ours was due a makeover! When we reviewed our old website in the early stages of the revamp, customer feedback suggested that it wasn’t particularly user friendly or easy to navigate, so we took this opinion into consideration as we were keen to improve our clients’ experience when using our site. We also found that the age of the website was indeed slowing it down.

Our rebranding was introduced at the start of 2018, with new colours, fonts and logo. Our online presence is a massive part of our brand, so it was the perfect time for a new website with our new branding.

What is different?
The site branding has been updated to match our rebranding, and the design is also much more user friendly. The search function is now a lot easier to operate and everything else is a lot more information based, so you can find out much more than you could previously.

The ‘book a valuation’ button on our home page makes it even easier to arrange appointments online, which is a modern and useful alternative to ringing us up. Of course, we are still here at the end of the phone for anyone who would rather give us a call!

Each department now has their own mini-site – Estate Agency, Land Agency, Surveys, Planning Media Services and Investors. Each service having a separate area makes it much more straightforward for people to find exactly what they are looking for, while still having our services linked under the proverbial PFK umbrella.

The Investors’ site gives an insight into the corporate side, something our old website didn’t have at all. Using this to display things like information on shares, management frameworks and the year in review makes it easier for both current and potential investors to have essential information at their fingertips within seconds.

Who’s behind the change?
Over the last six months we have been closely working with Bert, an award winning, independently owned branding agency with studios in London, Madrid and Manchester. Each department has a representative who has worked alongside Bert to ensure the new website design works equally well for each different service we offer. From workshops in Manchester to meetings here in Penrith, our marketing team, department representatives and contacts at Bert have all been beavering away behind the scenes for a long time to get the new site off the ground and into the internet!
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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

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