Do You Need A Planning Consultant?

Do You Need A Planning Consultant?

At PFK, we have a dedicated Planning team - find out below how they can help you today:

Why do I need a Planning Consultant?

Planning Consultants have an expert knowledge of regulations and can therefore play a vital role in obtaining permission for projects with complex needs.

Even if you have a knack for understanding intricate rules, securing permission is not just about the technicalities of an application. You will also need to know how to navigate the politics of planning - obligations, charges, officers, committees and appeals. Planning consultants are experts on the entire process and can draw on a wealth of experience.

When should you use a planning consultant?

You should engage a planning consultant if securing permission for your project will not be straight forward, especially if it will require the interpretation of planning policy and local development plans. Having an expert on board will not only help the planning process run more smoothly, it will also provide you with a valuable sense of reassurance.

It's important to bring a consultant on at the beginning of the process, since if a plan is refused permission the first time around its chances of success later on are greatly diminished.
Some people chose to rely on their architects to manage the application process. If you are having difficulty with permission due to design issues, it's certainly important to consult your architect. However, you should not assume that your architect will be able to navigate planning permission in complex cases.

If you're a developer considering a site for potential building, you should contact a planning consultant to help you assess viability. This kind of assessment is known as a Feasibility Study. The consultant will decide on the potential for success with regards to planning policies both locally and nationally.

Here are some examples of the work consultants can help with:

  • Applications
  • Appeals
  • Impact studies and feasibility studies
  • Research
  • Urban and rural design.

So, you're looking to add an extension, build a house or change the use of land/building. You've hired an Architect, and it all looks good. However you are not sure whether you'll be able to get planning permission, or if you need planning permission in the first place. Or perhaps, planning permission has been refused, and your architect doesn't really understand why. The Local Planning Authority hasn't provided you with the answers.

A Planning Consultant can help!

The result of a planning decision is so important that it is worth going to some lengths to present your arguments in the best possible way. A professional Planning Consultant can help you do this.

Isn't this just unnecessary additional cost?

In the complex world of Planning a skilled professional can make all the difference. The cost of a Planning Consultant may well prove be insignificant if you are able to achieve your building objectives.

But how is a Planning Consultant able to help when I've already employed an Architect?

Some planning issues are fairly straightforward and may not need the expertise of a Planning Consultant. However many others involve arguments as to the interpretation of planning policy and local development plans. Architects will have some basic knowledge of the planning system but they are not specifically trained in Planning legislation and may not be knowledgeable about the planning requirements of your particular project.

If the arguments relate to the interpretation of planning law and precedent, it could be difficult for you and your architect to understand fully the reasoning behind the planning officers' objections. There is every advantage in having a Planning Consultant on your side.

So what services will they provide?

A Planning Consultant can help with obtaining planning permission and much more. Appeals, site appraisals, change of use etc. Their skills can help with all development proposals and often contribute to an improved and more appropriate development. 

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