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PFK have been helping farmers, landowners, developers, rural businesses and individuals in all aspects of rural development for over 145 years. Our planning services encompass new residential development and agricultural workers dwellings, agricultural buildings and permitted development rights, local and agricultural occupancy conditions, lawful development certificates, conservation and heritage, and tourism and leisure development in the countryside.

Recent changes in planning legislation and policy have created a wide range of opportunities for development in rural areas. Our Chartered Town Planners are best placed to advise you on the likelihood of obtaining planning permissions for a wide variety of developments.

Farm Planning Permission

We can advise on all aspects of the need for planning permission for agricultural development, whether it's new agricultural development or alternative use of an existing agricultural building. Such developments require consideration of:

  • What is and is not possible under permitted development rights;
  • What, therefore, may require formal planning permission; and
  • How to best progress a project to maximise prospects of obtaining permission.

Agricultural permitted development rights are complex and, even where a proposal comprises permitted development, there is often a Prior Approval process that needs to be followed.

Barn Conversions

We have an established track record of securing planning permission for the conversion of barns to both residential and commercial uses. This includes:

  • Numerous 'Class Q' changes of use from agriculture to residential;
  • Where necessary, full planning applications for changes of use of agricultural barns to dwellings or commercial uses;
  • Planning applications for the change of use of large farm building complexes to commercial use;
  • Advice in respect of changing farm buildings to leisure or recreational use;
  • Enforcement advice and appeals.

Rural Development Opportunities

Our knowledge and understanding of planning legislation enables us to advise our clients on opportunities which they may not have previously considered. Recently, we have advised numerous clients in respect of:

  • Farm diversification projects
  • The suitability of land for camping and 'glamping' sites and the prospects of obtaining planning permission
  • Promoting small scale development such as infill development dwellings in a domestic garden or subdivision
  • Where relevant, promoting large scale development close to existing towns or villages
  • Overcoming occupancy conditions
  • Addressing planning conditions which constrain business uses or seeking new, more flexible permissions

If you require advice about any of the rural planning aspects above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01768 866611 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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